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Australia is one of the world’s favourite destinations for students seeking a first-class education. Elite Education Institute (EEI) takes great pride in the quality of courses and services we deliver to students wishing to gain highly recognised Australian Higher Education Qualifications.  As a  leading education provider, Elite Education Institute currently offers students the following world-class accounting qualifications:

The city campus of Elite Education Institute is located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney city ( 770 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000) and it is close to all public transport facilities (trains and buses), restaurants (e.g., Chinatown), shopping centres, affordable accommodation, a range employment opportunities and an exciting nightlife. The North Sydney campus is at the center of North  Sydney CBD (1 James Place, North Sydney, NSW 2060), which is close to Stanton Library.

Elite Education Institute provides students with a supportive and nurturing higher education environment. We rank the enhancement of students’ education outcomes and welfare as the highest priority of the Institute. We have  a multicultural learning environment with our students coming many countries such as, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, France and Germany.. New students will quickly become part of our Elite Education Institute  family where  they learn in safe, friendly, multicultural classrooms. Students  are encouraged and supported to participate in classes and to developthe personal skills and confidence necessary to gain a career in the accounting, business management and public relations industries or take the pathway to a Master’s degree in Australia. You will be glad that you chose Elite Education Institute to further your education.


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